Tuesday, December 11, 2007

late/early. learly? eate?

I've gone and gotten myself a single room for next semester, in what could generally be regarded as the nicest dorm on campus. Whoopee. My grandmother gave us the money for a nice little flatscreen for my room (spoiled brat, I know), and I have one of those twisty medusa lamps and a metric buttload of photos and dilly dallies for my walls, so I aim to be nicely ensconced next semester. I just turned in my last final (yes, just now; it was a take-home and she emailed it to us, so I just emailed the damn thing back with my answers, good riddance). I had to read half the stuff we read this term to finish it (remind me to actually read Cat On a Hot Tin Roof sometime, my skim didn't do it justice) but paused to draw a little illustration for one story that I'm rather proud of. I think I may do a few more for that story when I feel up to it.

Wulfy is asleep on his bed behind me. I've avoided my room this semester because I no longer room with the adored Muffin (she wangled a single before I did) and my roommate for the semester was just too damn perky. All the time. I mean, I have perky friends, but damn. I felt bad for keeping away but there's only so much happyhappyjoyjoy I can stand, thanks. Next semester's going to kick ass--mine specifically, I'm not taking many hours but the classes I'm taking are the sort that will wear black leather and tell me to say "thank you" after every whack. Ouchies. The thought of the papers is already making my poor tender head ache.

Anyway, it's late/really fucking early, so I'm either going to eat some Easy Mac (surprisingly good stuff) or go to sleep, maybe both sequentially. The dinner Wulfy's parents bought us has kind of worn off--why wasn't I hungry when I ate it? Argh. I'm rambling, bye.

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Beowulf said...

WOOT! New room to yourself next semester!