Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Almost an Angel

So, this will be my blog for the world to see, the face I show to the world, my soapbox and my soap opera. I guess I had better watch my grammar.

I suppose an introduction is in order:

-On this blog, I will be referring to myself as Seraph. Previous internet incarnations of myself include Reb (on AO-hell message boards) and GingerRose (on dA).

-I'm young. How young, I don't think you need to know--but I'm a good bit past sneaking into R-rated movies.

-I define myself as a Christian (or Xian, as I dorkily like to type it) but I'm not one of those Christians. You know what I mean.

-I'm a feminist. My male friends occasionally call me a feminazi...but I do shave and wear makeup and all that patriarchy-approved nonsense. I can feel pretty if I want to, right?

I think the rest of my character will come out eventually. I'll never reveal my real name, or the real names of my friends, or where I live. Now, down to the posting.

Why do I even set up these blog thingies, anyway? What sort of abnormal need for communication and approval do we bloggers have, that we air our dirty laundry online for the world to see? I do have friends out there in the "real" world, friends I can talk to and laugh with, some of whom I can tell everything. But there's something about a stranger...probably the impulse to blog is the same impulse that occasionally leads me to pour out my life story to people I've just met--an impulse that has occasionally landed me in uncomfortable places. Especially since the moment a guy my age hears a girl say "oh, my last boyfriend came out of the closet this summer..." he immediately retreats inside himself and closes the door. Oh noes, he thinks to himself, she'll turn me gay too! Aaaaaagh!

So yes, I dated a gay dude. Oh the horror. *rolls eyes* What gets me is that he's such an utterly fagtastic gay man, I don't know exactly how I missed it. I'll refer to him as Jai, because that's almost his name.

I have a tendency to get off topic, forgive is rather late/early here. Back to the subject of blogging: I am a writer by nature. I have been making up stories since before I could write--at that time, I dictated to my grandmother. I fell in love with poetry around the age of eight, and have kept a fairly consistent journal since I was twelve or so. There is something in me that won't let me go without my writing. It's a force like gravity, or the pull of the moon on the ocean. And many of my friends don't I turn to the faceless crowd of the Interweb. Ha.

I think that will do for a first post.


Renegade Evolution said...

Welcome aboard!

Seraph said...

*grin* thanks!

DBB said...

I just started a blog just after you did. I think I just have an uncontrollable urge to jump on a soapbox and spew words and streams of thought. Maybe it is theraputic...

How are you enjoying it thus far?

Seraph said...

I'm enjoying it...especially as this blog is more or less anonymous, so it's a way to really display myself without getting crapped on irl.

Your blog looks interesting, I'll have to check it out now.

DBB said...

I understand about anonymous. I toyed with putting my name on mine, then decided I would feel freer to speak my mind if I didn't have to worry as much about the various issues that can arise in work and life when one's blog is not anonymous.

Of course, some take this as a license to be obnoxious. I try instead to write like I'd write if my name were on top, which is actually not that hard, because I'd probably have trouble self-censoring myself even with my name on it. Sometimes I shoot from the hip and shoot myself in the foot, but at least the words get out.

I am curious what you (and really anyone) think of my blog - there have been a lot of posts in reaction to a certain thread on another Blog, but the rest is rather random. I keep thinking of things faster than I have time to post and I also use up posting time posting comments elsewhere - like here. Oh well - not like I am required to follow any specific set of rules in that regard.

I like reading your blog, btw. Just need to post more. ;)