Thursday, February 17, 2011

Highschool English

Books I remember reading in highschool and liking:

Their Eyes Were Watching God (my first AP English teacher was in love with this one)
Wuthering Heights (But the ending sucked. I recently got an oddly romantic email about it from an old highschool friend. Go figure.)
parts of Canterbury Tales (I'm descended from Chaucer's sister-in-law Katherine Swynford)
The Killer Angels (actually this was eighth grade, I'm cheating)
The Great Gatsby (the high point of ninth grade english)

Books I read in highschool and hated:

Heart of Darkness (BLECH. It was a good teaching tool, being dense and short, but BLECH)
The Yellow Wallpaper (short story, not a book, but still, I detested it)
Lord of the Flies (Really now. Blech.)
Crime and Punishment (boring, nasty, long, and the epilogue doesn't make a lick of sense in context)

I'm not sure if I had to read Huckleberry Finn until college, actually? But I'm oddly indifferent to it.

I really thought I could remember more. Apparently, most of what we read was forgettable dreck? At least I was never made to read Ayn Rand.

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manik sharma said...

i have never quite read a review(lets call it one) like this....and i tried reading atlas shrugged did not even crawl...u can't try something like that,again....