Saturday, April 10, 2010

a reminder to The World:

Sometimes, emotion is a rational response.

If you insult me, my anger is not irrational. It is very rational, it is very real, and it is not a reason for you to cease listening to me.

Rationality and emotion are not mutually exclusive, people.

I wonder if this hatred of "emotion" and love of "ration" is related to the equally false mind/body dichotomy? Emotions are felt bodily, therefore they must be separate from and less than the good and rational mind. Men are rational, mind-oriented, women are irrational and body-oriented. Emotion is also bad because it is womanly--so women are bad because they are "emotional," and emotions are bad because they are "womanly," and it all goes in a big nasty circle until I want to grab the next man I talk to who says I'm being irrational and shake him till his big manly brain rattles around in his big manly skull.

And this is an ENTIRELY RATIONAL RESPONSE, people.

Rant brought to you by Tiger Beatdown and all the Freddies of the world.

[ETA five seconds later to add: "mansplaining" is my Word of the Year. Seriously, whoever made it up deserves a medal or something. In the shape of like, a dictionary with a dick.]

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NinjaDoll & SuperMan said...

hey to this blog thing, and came across yours..just wanted to leave my comment about "emotion" - i am a woman (my blog is with my ex boyfriend, re: our feelings/sex and journey as we try out the relationship one more time) and have been struggling with the "emotional" (read: girly) aspect of the situation. let me ask your opinion - as a woman, why do i feel like its a negative to be emotional? its only natural, but even as i open up to my true feelings in my posts, i find myself rethinking it after i publish, and wondering..did i let out too much?