Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Reasons last week sucked:

-Dumb argument with guy friends (see below)

-Sleep deprivation

-Tina Turner the Honda Accord has been making disturbing rattling, thumping noises.

-Annoying patients

-Coworkers disrespecting My Brother The Doctor

-Coworkers blaming me for "freaking out" over said disrespect

-Possible week before my period? Not sure, as I still haven't figured out exactly how I respond to the Pill.

-Dog my family has had since I was ten is steadily getting sicker.

Reasons This Week Has Sucked:

-Parents had the dog put down Monday morning; they and my brother stayed with her. I had to stay here for work.

-Coworkers continuing to argue.

-Coworker who regularly cheats on her husband with her ex-husband (who cheated on her) flips out because her husband may or may not be corresponding with someone who may or may not be another woman, and has been looking at cute girls on Myspace. Facepalmage ensues.

-Annoying patients

-Sleep deprivation

-Today, Tina's front tire almost falls off when I drive my mechanic coworker around to figure out what's wrong with her. It turns out that when my parents had a very trusted family business at home to replace my tires last month, they didn't tighten the lug nuts down enough. It's amazing my tire didn't come off when I was going 70 on the interstate to get back here after xmas. Coworker helps me get her down to a local tire place to replace the lug nuts, which are totally stripped, and they end up having to replace the entire wheel, which is bent and broken all to hell. Repairs cost close to $200.

-I remain vaguely irritated at my aunt, all the time, because she's nosy and nitpicky and thinks she's my mother, and she still hasn't cleared her stuff out of the apartment I was supposed to move into in August. And she refuses to work on it until I clean my room--that is, the tiny guestroom she's tried to squeeze me in for months, with no desk and tiny twin beds. And not enough storage because her stuff is still in all the dressers.

-I need to go to a dermatologist because I think the rosacea I've probably inherited from my parents is beginning to show symptoms, because my cheeks are really red and blotchy and flaky, and it's  But I'm not actually full-time so I don't have insurance right now. Which is freaking me out in general, really.

This is shaping up to be the Fortnight of Suck.

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