Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Filler post, woooo

I am taking a salsa dance class this semester.

If you don't think this counts as exercise, think again.  The way you have to move for that Latin rhythm is just...unnatural.

Ow my back.  Ow my thighs.

Picture to the right is Wulfy's sister and brother-in-law, not doing the salsa.  They're dancing a rumba, actually, but it's the same family of dance.  Imagine how strong she must be to hold that position.


Elena said...

"The way you have to move for that Latin rhythm is just...unnatural." Uhhhh, Latinos would disagree. We do it quite naturally, thank you.

Seraph said...

Sorry, I had no idea that comment would ever be offensive.

The movements are certainly unnatural to -me-, Scots-Irish as I am. And I suspect even talented Latinos have to learn it from somewhere, even though I suspect your hip joints of working in an altogether different way from mine...