Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lazy Lima Bean

I've been on Spring Break for the past week. My plans for a Crazy Girls beach trip fell through (none of the crazy girls' schedules match enough) so I've been sitting around at home, eating a ton of peanut butter and watching TV, two things I don't get to do often while off away at school. And, of course, not doing any homework whatsoever. I'm going to be totally swamped when I get back.

Beowulf and some others, including Rapunzel, Thyme, and The Muffin, are off on a mission trip on the Gulf Coast, fighting off Mosquitoes Of Unusual Size while repairing Katrina-ravaged houses and generally getting no sleep at all. Poor Wulfy is ready to come home to his Seraph's loving arms--not to mention his own cushy bed. The boy has one of the softer dorm bed's I've ever lain in. I'm jealous.

I am about to start working on an essay about Courtly Love, which I will post here. Interesting stuff--and a vehicle through which to write about the feminism I rather intended this blog to cover more. Hm.

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